Kindle paperwhite

You can read in the dark and in the bath with the waterproof kindle paperwhite! Get cosy wherever you are

Kids Kindle

Kids love tech! As you know kids are so stubborn they won’t read if they don’t want to so buy a kindle for your kids! It includes many books all appropriate for your child! There is not much to say other than it’s perfect!

Lenovo chromebook

This is a great device to own as it charges in the time space of 45 minutes which compared to the apple macbook which can take up to 2 hours to charge! It is also an amazing model because it lasts over 8 hours before running out of battery whereas the apple macbook lasts up […]

Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 2019 – is it worth the extra £££

Apple are well know for their high end products, and the MacBook Pro is no exception. When you look into the specification of the laptops, you may start to wonder why they are so expensive. Many competitors are offering PC laptops with much higher specs for less money. Personally, I feel it becomes apparent when […]

Alexa – are you listening to my conversations?

The simple answer is; NO! Many people share the same concern about the Alexa devices such as the Amazon Echo. These amazing devices are being avoided by people because they think their private conversations are being surveilled and sent to Amazon. What is the Echo? Echo devices are essentially a small computer with some speakers […]